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Water Quality

Septic System Maintenance Information

Portage County has a mandatory Private Onsite Waste Treatment System (POWTS) maintenance program.  This “Maintaining Your Private Sewage system” brochure provides guidance on maintaining your septic system.


Town of Lanark Nitrate/Nitrogen Screening Results

The Town of Lanark hosted a free well water screening opportunity on Saturday, November 10th and Thursday, November 15th, 2018.  Here is a report of the results.


Portage County Groundwater information

2017 Portage County Water Quality Testing Program – A two page document that explains Portage County’s evaluation of well water conducted in 2017.  Samples were obtained from over 200 private wells throughout the county to measure nitrate-nitrogen, chloride, pH, alkalinity, total hardness and conductivity..

Groundwater in Portage County – Where does it come from?  How and where does it move?

How To Test Your Drinking Water – Lanark residents reply on private wells to access water for drinking and cooking.  This file describes how often to test your water, what to test for, and where to obtain testing.

DNR High Capacity Well and Water Use Viewer – This interactive online viewer allows user to see high capacity wells pending approval, high capacity wells approved in the past 30 days, permitted high capacity wells that have not been installed yet, and high capacity wells that are currently in place withdrawing groundwater. Well locations are identified by section, not exact location. Users can also see approved pumping limits associated with the wells.

On this same interactive mapping tool you can view DNR water quantity monitoring sites, which include the County Stream baseflow monitoring and lake level monitoring sites. The sites are marked by exact location. If you click on a site you should be able to access all of the submitted monitoring data.

US Geological Survey Stream Flows – This USGS site has all of the real-time streamflow gauging stations that are used by USGS throughout the U.S. You can zoom in on WI and further to Portage County to see the three real-time gauging stations that are scattered throughout the County. These gauging stations show real-time stream flows.

US Geological Survey Groundwater Monitoring Wells – This USGS site has a map of all of the groundwater monitoring wells located in the U.S. If you zoom in on WI you can see all of the groundwater monitoring wells throughout the state including the 3 that are actively monitored by Portage County. If you click on a specific well you can see the recorded groundwater levels.


Tomorrow River Report

The State of the Tomorrow River Report examines the current status of the river by reporting on water quality, fish populations, and land uses in the river’s watershed.  The report also provides a history of human use and impacts on the river.


Portage County Well Filling and Sealing Program

Old and unused wells should be property filled and sealed as they pose a potential risk to groundwater quality. All filling and sealing of wells must be done by a certified well professional. Portage County has limited funds available to cost share up to 70% of the total cost of well filling and sealing on a first come first serve basis, as long as funds are available for the year.

The process for cost-sharing is relatively simple:

  • Contact a certified well professional and obtain a cost estimate for the proper filling and sealing of your unused well.
  • Once you have a cost-estimate contact the Portage County Water Resource Specialist at the information below to start the cost-share agreement paper work for well filing and sealing/ The Water Resource Specialist can assist with filling out paperwork or answer any questions you might have. Paperwork must be completed and signed prior to any work beginning on the well!
  • Water Resource Specialist – Jen McNelly 715-346-1334 or
  • Once paperwork is signed and on file with the County, the well filling and sealing may take place.
  • After the filling and sealing is completed, the invoice for the work must be submitted to Portage County Land and Water Conservation Department and the cost share funds will be released.
Upcoming Events
10:00 am Plan Commission meeting
Plan Commission meeting
Aug 1 @ 10:00 am
The monthly meeting of the Plan Commission for the Town of Lanark is held (if necessary).
10:00 am Plan Commission meeting
Plan Commission meeting
Sep 5 @ 10:00 am
The monthly meeting of the Plan Commission for the Town of Lanark is held (if necessary).
10:00 am Plan Commission meeting
Plan Commission meeting
Oct 3 @ 10:00 am
The monthly meeting of the Plan Commission for the Town of Lanark is held (if necessary).